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GEICO and Outback Steakhouse partnership

October 21, 2010 1 comment

The Gecko has announced through his Twitter account (@TheGEICOGecko) a new partnership with Outback Steakhouse restaurants. Outback has stated that it has fired its last announcer amidst millions of accusations that the announcer was not an authentic Australian (though Outback has not denied this). Outback has also announced its relaunched My Outback Rewards, a frequent diner program, taking cues from airlines and hotels with their programs. Not giving out anymore information until the official launch date at November 1, 2010, Outback said that Rewards Members will receive a free basket of fries upon every 15th visit in addition to the points they already receive for every visit. In addition, GEICO customers will receive a 15% discount of their total bill for every 15th visit.

GEICO, on October 15th, has already announced the partnership saying drivers can not only save 15% or more on car insurance, but they can save 15% on a visit to the restaurant. Also, Rewards Members receive a discount of 0.15% off every bill.

1. Rewards Members in Massachusetts are not eligible for the GEICO discount.
2. Rewards Members must be age 13 and up to be eligible for the GEICO discount.
3. GEICO customers must present their last statement or GEICO card and a government issued ID before ordering.
4. During the 1st week of the relaunched My Outback Rewards program, the Gecko will visit Outback Steakhouse restaurants in Oakland, and Jacksonville. The specific restaurant, date, and time will be a surprise. Near the end of Outback Rewards Week, the Gecko will visit all restaurants in Chevy Chase, MD and Tampa, company headquarters for GEICO and Outback respectively.