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Breaking News: 9/13/2010

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1. Man marries a wasp. (12:00 PM)
2. Pizza Hut unleashes new BBQ Tuscani Pasta. (12:00 PM)
3. Man accidentally bleaches his best pair of pants. (3:32 PM)
4. Refrigerator stops working. Refrigerator contains water. Water doesn’t spoil. (6:00 PM)
5. NFL talks of adding a 33rd team in Beijing, China. (7:00 PM)
6. Lakers player misses slam dunk. Everybody laughs. (8:00 PM)
7. Islam can be spelled slima and iSlam.
8. Lakers player iSlam(ed) and missed. (8:00 PM)
9. Glade releases new scent, “After the Garbage Truck Left.” (8:30 PM)
10. Man divorces wasp. (9:00 PM)

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