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McDonald’s news

In response to the recent breakout of tillapianella on their tomatoes, McDonald’s is in the works of making a powdery version of their famous Fancy Ketchup. Ray Froc, spokesman for McDonalds said that, the powder version of their Fancy Ketchup was inevitable because of the low cost of shipping. You can serve 500 cheeseburgers with a pound of powdered Ketchup but only 50 cheeseburgers with a pound of liquid Ketchup. But don’t worry, you will still find the great taste of McDonald’s ketchup that you would expect.

In other news, rumors were true that the Fall lineup of the Big Kid’s Meal toys would feature President Obama, Vice President Biden and his whole cabinet. Ray Froc said that McDonalds was heavily investing its resources on education and has seen this as a fun way to teach kids. “You’re teaching kids and they’re having fun trying to collect all 17 toys.” Speaking for the White House, Press Secretary Robert Bibs said that the White House has fully endorsed the idea of allowing kids to explore the Cabinet positions they’ve never heard of. The best benefit of all? It is of no cost to taxpayers.

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