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Breaking News: 8/26/10

1. Locksmith accidentally leaves keys in locked car while going to work. (6:30 AM)
2. Man shows up to work (ABC Liquor) with a hangover. (11:00 AM)
3. 52 year-old man accidentally mistaken for a 7th Grader. (1:00 PM)
4. McDonald’s cashier punished for not asking customer if “they would like fries with that.” (1:35 PM)
5. Winn-Dixie Seafood Manager fired for sprinkling marijuana in shrimp. (2:00 PM)
6. Cow produces milk. (3:13 PM)
7. Librarian accidentally shelves “KKK Brutality” with “Curious George and the Bedtime Story.” (5:08 PM)
8. USA Network show, “CSI:Mayberry” premiere. (8:00 PM)
9. Man chooses Hungry-Man over Lean-Cuisine. (8:00 PM)
10. Taco-Bell is shut down by corporate for closing at 12:01 instead of 12:00. (12:02 AM)

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