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Surprise #1 at Burger King Survey


Just in today…Burger King just released the official results of a survey of what their most popular menu items are. Burger King corporate officials are scratching their heads at the number one popular menu item, and it’s a very surprising result…the BK Veggie, followed by the Whopper, Whopper Jr., Original Chicken Sandwich, and BK Stacker. Micheal Leach, the head of the research department, said, “I’m very surprised with the successes of our BK Veggie. But without a doubt, I am thrilled that the underdog of burgers have beat out the other players.”

Andrea Martinez, a vegetarian from Orange Park, FL, was not surprised of the survey results. “I’m really not surprised because there is a huge surge of vegetarian converters. We really do see the benefits of being a vegetarian.”

But there is also one other reason why the BK Veggie made it to the top: the Mad Cow Disease scare.

An official from the U.S. Department of Agriculture stated that although the disease affects 85.6% of meat from Missouri Steaks, the meat subsidiary of Burger King, there is no reason to worry of contracting the disease.

Morningstar Farms, a division of Kellogg, is thrilled to have their Garden Veggie Patties, at the top of the survey. Thomas Manchester, a spokesman for the company said that, “After hearing the results of the survey released by Burger King, we are now looking to expand our operations so that more American families are eating our Garden Veggie Patties. Currently, Winn-Dixie Grocery Stores are carrying our products in the freezer aisle. We are also looking at other fast food operations to carry our product. Also as we speak, we are in contract negotiations with Burger King to carry our other best selling, top-quality products such as the Grillers Original Burger, Veggie Corn Dogs, and Veggie Bacon Strips. More of our products may be included on the Burger King menu, but for now, Burger King is interested in those products only.

LaShawnda King, a manager of a Jacksonville, FL area restaurant said that, “The BK Veggie, or otherwise known as the ‘Veggie Burger’ to our employees and customers has been the latest craze. At one point last week, we had ran out of the Veggie Burger patties and we had to call the BK Jacksonville Distribution center to give us an emergency shipment of the Veggie Burger patties. We are now fully prepared for the influx of customers coming in to enjoy our Veggie Burgers.”

Brain McCoy, the CEO of West Jacksonville Corp, a franchise that owns 6 restaurants in the Westside of Jacksonville, said that, “I am looking forward to the new BK Veggie commercials that corporate is going to unveil next week. But I do have one piece of advice: please do not get our Veggie Burger and Veggie Whopper mixed up. Our Veggie Whopper, another completely different product is made up of the Whopper Bread, Lettuce, Tomato, and Mayonnaise. That sells for $1.55. Our Veggie Burger comes with the Veggie Patty, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, and mayonnaise and regularly sells for $2.99 at most of our restaurants. But now for a limited time in celebration to the survey, we are selling it at $2.49.”

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